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We Provide taxi service around the globe at most affordable price, feel free and safe to ride with us to enjoy the ambience of the taxi.

About Us

Know About Us

In one app we offer you various ways of getting around the city: taxi, car with driver, scooters⦠with more options being added all the time.

Download our app and ride around the city quickly, affordably and safely.

Long Description:

Why choose Mega Taxi?

Our users highlight:

- Safety: in the app youâll find various different safety functions such as seeing your journey details, sharing your journey with a friend in real time or activating automatic notifications to advise someone when youâve arrived at your destination.

- Availability:with more services in just one app, youâll have more cars and taxis available to you and therefore itâll be even easier to get a journey.

- Price: discover the various transport options we offer in your city, with a range of price and services. And donât forget to activate your notifications to receive our best promotions.

- Carbon neutral: CO2 emissions in your journeys with Cabify are offset via a project that protects part of the rainforest. Ride environmentally responsibly!

- Quality: we strive to offer you the best service and we have dedicated passenger and driver support team.

- Transparency: we show you the estimated price before you order your journey, so that you can travel totally relaxed. In some categories taximeter may apply.

How can I order a taxi or private car?

Riding with Mega Taxi is very easy. Follow these steps and youâll soon be exploring every corner of your city:

1. Download Mega Taxi app and register.

2. Choose which payment method fits you best: cash payment, card payment⦠the app will show which options are available in your city.

3. Tell us where you want to ride and which service you prefer.

4. Weâll show you the estimated journey price.

5. Ready! A taxi will come to pick you up. Where is it available? Mega taxis are available in Jammu & Kashmir (India).